The Jaime and Julie Show

While reviewing possible retro-tweets it became obvious that Madergate has been grievously overlooked on this blog, and so obviously that had to be remedied post-haste. So for those of you who might have missed it the first time around, here is a short refresher. 

"Madergate" took place the winter of 2010-2011, when we learned that American actresses may keep only one Brit at any time, or else face consequences. Also, that both Jaime and Julie have pretty rampant feet fetishes. 

The English actress Rebecca Mader joined the cast of Julie’s show “No Ordinary Family”, a development that apparently did not sit well with previous workwife and current English BFF Jaime. Jealousy tantrums and hilarity ensued.

Two months of decidedly dirty tricks from both sides followed, though in the end Jaime’s tactic of communicating via means of song, insults and shamelessly flirting with other women (Azita Ghanizada, Lucy Lawless and occasionally Miss Mader) seems to have been super effective, and so mid-February 2011 all was forgiven and Jaime remained FEWWABFF (Favorite English Work Wife And Best Friend Forever)

Compiled for your viewing pleasure, Madergate in (more or less) its entirety.